— as told by The Doc Hawk

Freddy Taylor was a sailor who dreamed on the stars in the Southern night.

Drunken Blurs, Neons, Black Spurs and, of course, the occasional fight.

Took tough men down and it crushed his crown, he needed a better way.

Mary lady took on things weighty before her Freddy could go grey.

Young outlaw was born, from Papas pages he was torn to live a life of a six string slave.

F Scott emerged and axe-slingers converged Nighthawks would ride that wave.


With Freddy's spirit in tow, followed by the flight of the crow, young Scotty would find the path.

To drunken nights and the occasional fights, neon lights screaming rock n roll.

The next move was clear and as crisp as a beer, The Nighthawks are coming to conquer your soul.

So get your own Mary, sweet as a cherry, and take her out tonight.  

The boys are on, pour another blonde and dance till the morning light. 

The Road is Wide.  The Nighthawks Ride.